How Pastors are using PastorsLine to engage with members and guests


How to Rocket Launch your Sermon Series

If you are caring for others like shepherds care for their flocks, you ARE symbolically a “Pastor”, and this tool is for you. Whether you are a ‘Swiss knife’ leader who has to do it all or someone who has a large team that helps, you might be experiencing symptoms identified in a recent study of Pastors — symptoms such as:


Working over 55 hours a week


Feeling overworked


Feeling overstressed


Observing that you are spiritually undernourished


Having a distance from your family


But still honored to be a Pastor

Using texting and a cloud-based solution can help. This AND strategy is one of the most effective ways that Pastors are able to do more in less time, staying connected to their audience’s needs while creating some insulation between their own spaces and those of their audience.

What You'll Learn

Sermon Attendance Booster

Find out how to use texting before, during and after your sermon to increase interest, raise your attendance and improve your follow-up.

Intensify your discipleship process

Reduce the percentages of guests falling through the cracks and church member non-attendance, so more of your ministry take those next steps toward Christ.

Maximize your Time

Scheduled messages and autoresponders mean that you can set things up once, and they will run on their own...freeing you up to attend to other duties.

Expand your connections

There’s always a relevant reason to text your congregation. We give you practical suggestions which will make your congregants feel more connected to you and each other.


Every ‘how to’ comes with copy and paste swipe texts, so you can start this weekend...or even before.

Overall, texts are the most opened, fastest read and most responded to type of communication. When you think about your audience’s needs like Jesus did, texting becomes the preferred way to reach out and connect.

Results Churches Are Seeing after Implementing our Suggestions

Small, medium, large, mega, traditional, modern and everything in between are all raving about how our guides helped save time and relieve stress.

“[PastorsLine is] a huge answer to something we’ve been looking for. I was able to send a template with a field merge by scheduling it... ”

Dr. Matthew Robinson | Pastor

"Just with our welcome process, we have gone from a 40% READ rate to a 95% READ rate and from a 3-4% CONVERSATION rate to a 40% CONVERSATION rate.”

Tommy Carreras. | Groups Dir.

“...the guest connection card...We had a great response -- people whose names and contact info we might not have captured otherwise. Our autoresponder directs them to our Welcome Center...where we have a gift...with their name on it." 

Kristen Waddle | Comms.

"Baptism Worship Service Reminders - bulk texting—we were blown away by the number of people who showed up." 

Cara Saliby | Dir. of Admin.

The text message Bible study invites are working out. We saw a huge increase from 5-6 to 10-12 and te numbers stayed consistent."

Zeke Vas | Senior Pastor

"Text messaging is the preferred communication channel for [our] club. It takes a lot less time, and everyone gets the message. "

Julie | Kids Club Director

"When we finished our evangelistic meeting in Houston, 70% of those who were baptized communicated with me through had a big influence."

Wyatt Allen | Evangelist

"PastorsLine has been a great tool that I've used to communicate with people in the church. As a senior pastor, we want to be able to communicate to the congregation at different times, whether during the week or in times of emergency."

- Mark Stemer | Senior Pastor

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